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Do Jonbots Dream of Electric Sheep? A: No

Thanks to Dave Stokes, George Marston, Ramon Villalobs, Iain Laurie and Michael Walsh!


Colin: This was fun!

Guest artists to thank, in sequential order:

Dave Stokes – Blackfriars creator, artist extraordinaire, all round nice guy – I highly recommend you all buy his mega-awesome sketchbook.
George Marston – Newsarama reviewerer and artist supreme – the wonders of his pencil can be seen at his Deviantart page here.
Ramon Villalobos – Vitruvian Undergroundco-creator and artistic legend. Here’s more of his frankly amazing stuff here.
“Inimitable” Iain Laurie – co-creator of Roachwell, the sublime Mothwicke, and artistic powerhouse behind the superpower freakout All The Dead Superheroes.
Michael Walsh – Murder Book contributor, creator of far too many awesome images doing the rounds on Tumblr (and his own site) and soon to be seen knocking it out the park on The Brothers James with Ryan Ferrier.

Thanks to all for chipping in – you’re all ace. Neil’s back next week!


2 responses

  1. Yeah! Go Rambo on em. 🙂

    February 12, 2012 at 9:55 pm

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