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… at least if you’re going to Kapow! Comic Con this weekend.

50% of Team Jonbot (Colin) will be on hand at the Glasgow League of Writers table (with such esteemed luminaries as Gordon Mclean, John Lees, Luke Halsall, John McCusker and Sam Read) where he will be GIVING AWAY FREE COMICS.

“What comic?” we imagine you cry.

It’s the Jonbot Vs Martha Kapow! Exclusive Micro-comic and Poster!

And it looks like this.

Given there’s been a surprising indication of demand for it, I’ll caveat now and say asides from the glorious Neil Slorance cover, there’s no new material from the webcomic involved – it is, in fact, a promotional tool to encourage people to visit the website, which means it’s silly preaching to you guys because you’ve already found us. Although it does fold out into a bitchin’ A4 poster. But if you do know someone that doesn’t know us, send them our way! Or perhaps you want to come and tell us how divorce is a touchy subject for a webcomic? Or just say hello! We’re open to all forms of face-to-face interaction!

So please, come to Stall 23 (pretty much right in front of you at the top of the stairs as you come on to the main mezzanine) and get one and say hello! For the record, Colin currently looks like this:

See you there!

And if you’re one of the throngs of new readers we’re banking on, the comic starts here! Thanks for checking us out!


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