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Team Jonbot at Glasgow Comic Con This Weekend to Sell You Books and Win Awards

Title says it all, really.

I’m in a rush so let’s be brief: this weekend me (Colin) and Neil (Slorance) will be at Glasgow Comic Con selling limited PHYSICAL copies of Jonbot Vs Martha #1. These have been produced so that voters in the SICBA Awards (which is potentially everyone at the Con) will have a chance to read the only webcomic in the competition, which is us.

So if you’ve ever thought that the first 30 odd weeks of Jonbot Vs Martha were our best stuff and want to read it whenever you want and more importantly, when you’re away from the Internet – now’s your chance! £3 please!

Come see us! Say hello! And IF you must NOT vote for us in the SICBAs, please consider The Standard, No More Heroes or Craig Collins’ Haunted Bowels. They’re all ace.

Looking for the comic? Try here!


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