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GUEST STRIP – Ryan K Lindsay & Mike Perry


Colin: It’s the first of our month of guest strips! We start with a What-If?-type affair courtesy of writer Ryan K Lindsay and artist Mike Perry.

We were fortunate to nab both gentlemen for their contribution, Ryan in particular because he’s busy carving out a niche as The Busiest Man in Comics – you can catch Quantum Immortality, his contribution to the world of Kurtis Weibe and Riley Rossmo’s Green Wake here, catch his contributions to the THE PROCESS podcast here over on Image Addiction, marvel at his upcoming SequArt book of Daredevil essays, or generally catch him over on his Tumblr. Or even tweet him here and let him know what you thought of this strip! He’s waiting for your feedback!

Mike is responsible for the recommended fantasy webcomic No Dice, which you can find here. Check it out!

Thanks for joining guys! Come back next week when our next guest team takes the stage!


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