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GUEST STRIP! Taylor Pithers and Hop Fences


Colin: Hey! It’s week two of Colin and Neil’s month off from Jonbot Vs Martha! We’re just telling you that because last Monday’s strip was our busiest Monday ever, like you guys had rushed round to see what new strip me and Neil had done and forgotten we weren’t here… yeah, I’m sure that’s it.

Today’s wonderful guest strip comes courtesy of the writing talents of the formidable Taylor Pithers. Taylor currently holds court of at The Weekly Crisis with his Trade Waiting column, which comes highly recommended. Likewise I endorse Taylor himself. Super chap. Ably assisting Mr Pithers is the inimitable Hop Fences, an artist carving out a fine niche with his own comics, some of which you can see herethis one‘s a belter.

Thanks guys! We’ll be back next Monday with our next guest strip – I’ve a feeling there may be a Jonbot interview going live somewhere this week, but more on this as it happens.


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