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GUEST STRIP! Gill Hatcher


Colin: This week Neil and I were honoured – HONOURED! – to host Gill Hatcher, founder and editor of Team Girl Comic and all-round super cartoonist talent.

Neil: It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Gill has given Martha the love she has always deserved. If she did a spin-off the world would be a better place.

Colin: Too true, Neil! Legally however I’m obliged to point out that if she did, we would own say… 80% of it? Thanks Gill!

It’s been a busy week here at Jonbot Mansions – so busy I’m going to have to use bulletpoints to illustrate what’s gone down:

  • Top pop-culture website Geek Syndicate kicked off their Autumn of Indie with an interview between me and reporter Sara Westrop. It’s a decent wee chat, encompassing the secret origin of the comic and theme tune chat. See if you can spot the numerous PR fails I made throughout!
  • Jonbot Vs Martha #1 (the comic we produced for Glasgow Comic Con) is now available to buy for £3 (includes UK postage). Head over to our shop to snag a copy – limited stock remain!
  • Aaaaaand this happened:

So look forward to the word “fucksocks” creeping into the vernacular of the residents of Hong Kong in due course. Wow.

Good news everyone! From here on out, we’ll be showcasing guest strips at a rate of two a week! Come back on FRIDAY as Matthew Meylikhov and Jess Graham finally reveal Jonbot’s secret profession!


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