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GUEST STRIP! Sam Read & Xander Myles



This week sees the strip in the reliable hands of fellow Glasgow League of Writers alumni, OK Comics comics-pimp  and all round top cat Sam Read, and the art-tastic Xander Myles. I’m a big fan of all the little details Samander (that’s their name as a creative collective) managed to cram in to this one. Thanks for stepping in gents!

If you’re one of the bajillions of Monday-faithful Jonbot readers, you may have missed our going twice-a-week with this little gem of a guest strip on Friday. We roll on Fridays now also. Fridays are cool.

You know what else is cool? Norwegian Black Metal. Look:

Craig Collins

Thanks to the black-hearted master of mirthful macabre Craig Collins for that! It’s been added to the gallery, which has now been update for your viewing pleasure.

See you on Friday for a lyrical odyssey from John Grieve!


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