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GUEST STRIP! John Lees & Garry McLaughlin


Colin: The last of our guest strips, everyone! Probably just as well…

Neil: Sorry Colin, I didn’t mean to go all Bane on you.

Colin: Wevs Neil! Today’s strip comes courtesy of John Lees, writer of the highly-recommended The Standard, and Garry McLaughlin, Taking Flight artist and Gonzo Cosmic creator. Together they’re both working on the upcoming Black Leaf, which promises to be a stoater of a comic. Based on this strip, they’re also a pair of total fucking bullies. I digress!

Here’s some FANART:

Here’s Jonbot rendered all 3D and that by James Fairlie:

And courtesy of Black Hearted Press co-founder and all-round swell gent Sha Nazir, here’s Jonbot meeting Sha’s own Laptop Guy:

Thanks gents! And thanks to all our guest creative teams over the past month. It’s been emotional.

We’re back proper on Monday with the start of the BIGGEREST Jonbot Vs Martha story to date, with a beginning so explosive you’re going to need explosion repellent, unless you enjoy explosions. Kapow! Keep your eyes peeled though, because there may be more happening BEFORE that. Probably on Friday.


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