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About Jonbot Vs Martha

Jonbot Vs Martha is a weekly webcomic, updated every Monday. We like to think of it as Kramer Vs Kramer meets Short Circuit, but with more swearing.

But in a nutshell, it can be explained with this visual aid and the music it inspired:

Here’s Glasgow folkin’ troubabdor Shambles Miller‘s take on Theme from Jonbot Vs Martha:



And here’s Manchester’s very own electro-lothario Zuko Fontaine with his 80s cartoon soundtrack interpretation:



If you’re musicy and would like your interpretation of Theme from Jonbot Vs Martha to be included in our musical gallery, drop us a line here and you too could be showered with kudos. KUDOS! Actually, you can use that email address for any kind of contact.

The comic is made by these guys:

 Bell, in happier times

Colin Bell

Colin Bell is a Glasgow-based writer who contributes to comic news websites Newsarama and Comic Booked. His favourite foodstuffs are Chicken Chargrills and condensed milk. Not together though, that would be rank.

Colin can be found at his sporadically entertaining corner of the internet It’s Bloggerin’ Time!


Neil Slorance

Neil Slorance is a Scottish illustrator with a passion for all things robotic and dinosaur based.

He currently lives in the southside of Glasgow with his tortoise Herman.

Neil’s blog can be found here.


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  3. That About Jonbot Vs Martha Jonbot Vs. Martha must to be great!!

    July 6, 2012 at 7:50 pm

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