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Read Jonbot Vs Martha from the beginning, as George Lucas intended:

  1. Cold Open
  2. Title Sequence
  3. Negotiations
  4. Negotiations 2
  5. Night Moves
  6. Slashed
  7. The Talk
  8. Child’s Play
  9. Robot Pub
  10. Weird Science
  11. Something Jonbot This Way Comes
  12. Emoticonfusion
  13. Emoticonfounded
  14. Thus Spake Eisenriese
  15. Have Yourself A Merry Little Jonbot
  16. The Jonbot Vs Martha Seasonal Spectacular Part Two
  17. Simply Having A Wonderful Jonbot Time
  18. It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Jonbot
  19. Step Into Jonbot
  20. Happy Jonbot (War Is Over)
  21. Carpe Idiom
  22. Building Kick
  23. The Jonbot Vs Martha “Choose Your Own Punchline” Week
  24. Do Jonbots Dream of Electric Sheep? A: No
  25. Together in Eclectic Dreams
  26. Meme a Little Meme of Me
  27. Gotz @Jbotzthotz?
  28. Why So Sirius?
  29. Jonbot Was Made For Lovin’ You
  30. We don’t talk about this one
  31. Prologue (The Beard Saga starts here!) 31a.La Charla (April Fool’s 2012)
  32. Child’s Play 2: Child Harder
  33. Parents Evening
  34. The Search For Sarah
  35. Interlude
  36. The Search For Sarah (Conclusion)
  37. Diagnosis: Jonbot
  38. Dress Up In You
  39. Quis custodiet ipsos Jonbots?
  40. Squareface to Face
  41. The Night HE Came Home
  42. Let’s Go To Prison
  43. Dear Diary
  44. Dear Diary (Prison Remix)
  45. Award In Your Ear
  46. The Beginning of the End (of this storyline)
  47. Revelations
  48. Squareface/Off
  49. Let’s (Square)Face The Music, and Dance
  50. This Time It’s War
  51. I See Your True Colours and That’s Why I Love You
  52. Epilogue (The Beard Saga ends, Year One Exit Interview with Colin and Neil and fan-art competition results!)
  53. Guest Strip! Ryan K Lindsay and Mike Perry
  54. Guest Strip! Taylor Pithers and Hop Fences
  55. Guest Strip! Gill Hatcher
  56. Guest Strip! Matt Meylikhov and Jess Graham
  57. Guest Strip! Sam Read and Xander Myles
  58. Guest Strip! John Grieve
  59. Guest Strip! John Lees and Garry McLaughlin
  60. Season Two Trailer
  61. Jonbot and Martha are Getting Along Now
  62. Ask Jonbot #1: “Bar the Blender”
  63. It’s Nothing Personal
  64. 21 Years Earlier
  65. Dawn of the Rise of the Planet of the Jonbots
  66. Trick or Trite
  67. A Phoney Kind of Love
  68. My Dinner With Jonbot
  69. Actually Literally Back to the Drawing Board
  70. Things Keep Happening
  71. Future Tense
  72. This The Way We End the World, End the World, End the World
  73. It’s Time To Party
  74. If You Love Something, Set It Yadda Yadda Yadda

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